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November 26, 2015
Mayor - Salt Lake City
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Staffing Request to the City

                                        May 28, 2015

To whom it may concern,

The responsibility of the Salt Lake Police Association is to address concerns we have with specific issues related to our membership.  Of those concerns are working conditions and safety.   The Salt Lake Police Association is requesting the City add 25 to 30 more officers to the current minimum staffing levels.  This should be considered separate from the number of officers needed to replace those who have resigned or retired from all levels of the department.  Positions ranging from Deputy Chief on down to the six recruits from the most recent class.  The City has continued to grow in size and population, yet the staffing numbers have remained relatively the same for decades.  The number of officers is not growing relative to the number of residents, and businesses. Unfortunately being the Capitol City in the State, we also have the highest crime rate.  Currently Salt Lake City is on track for a fifth straight year of overall increase in Part 1 crimes which include: Criminal Homicide, Forcible Rape, Robbery, Aggravated Assault, Burglary, Larceny/Theft, Motor Vehicle Theft and Arson.  The climate across the country is also changing and tense.  It is more important than ever that the City have enough officers to allow multiple officers to respond to these types of calls, while leaving enough available to handle the other calls in the City.  Our officers are working feverishly to keep up with the call volume.  The Citizens of Salt Lake are seeing an increase in crime, which results in a feeling that there are less officers in their neighborhoods.  Officers are seeing the increase as well.  We see this as a safety issue and a service issue.  As officers we want to provide the best service we can to the citizens of Salt Lake.  Often our officers are advising dispatch they will handle calls on calls that may be better served with two officers, In an attempt to keep calls from holding there is pressure to advise on calls or stack the report to the end of the shift.  Detectives are left with high case loads for follow up.  The Salt Lake Police Association supports the request by Council Person Charlie Luke to add 25 more officers, whether that be through a budget request or a Federal Grant.  However we would caution on relying solely on a Federal Grant as a denial of the grant would result in a further delay to add officers to the street.  As an Association we are encouraged by what we feel is a strong community support for adding additional Officers at this time.  Currently is seems as if we are reactive in nature.  We believe an increase in staffing, would allow us time to handle the calls as they come in, efficiently and more thoroughly, while also allowing us time for more proactive work and  provide a stronger community presence.  We would welcome the opportunity to work with the City Council, the Mayor and the Chief's Administration to work on this goal. 

Michael Millard, President

Salt Lake Police Association


Action Center

The Salt Lake Police Association is proud to support Jackie for Mayor. She will bring accoutnability, and responsibility back to the Office, through transparency and communication. She will work with the members of the community and the employees of the City to make Salt Lake City a better place to live work and play in. We need Jackie for Mayor, please help us.
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